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Comments have been made about "certain" deceased manufacturers and the large remaining stocks of finished goods that have been oversupplying the market for some time. I am curious about this concept.

For example: Did Agfa continue to run its coating lines 24/7 even in the light of declining sales? Did this result in warehouse after warehouse being crammed with product they couldn't sell?

I wonder if this is the same as Forte? Do they, too, have huge warehouses of product unsold?
It sounds pretty fishy.

I contacted AgfaPhoto USA on the day AgfaPhoto went into liquidation (Agfa Photo USA was a separate company, by the way, and not a subsidiary) and they told me they NEVER placed an order to AgfaPhoto for B&W film or paper during the company's short life. Distributors never saw the need because of all the inventory out there.

I have some Agfa APX 400 film that has an October, 2010 expiration date. Given that Agfa APX films are dated 65 months from tim of manufacture - this would have been the last run.

The really strange thing about those APX boxes are that there is no AgfaPhoto on it - just Agfa.

I have no idea what amount of film/paper AgfaPhoto produced. But it is extremely expensive to lay off workers in Germany. Maybe they kept producing because, well, that's all they really COULD do.

Forte may be another matter. Their reasons for ceasing manufacture look kind of odd:
a) Who was the French B&W film and paper manufacturer that went bankrupt? The original Bergger went bankrupt a dozen years ago and it's Forte that manufactured all their stuff since from the old recipes.
b) Assuming Agfa was the German manufacturer that they cite as having failed - would this really affect Forte? Agfa paper stocks were bought up immediately...this would have had little effect on their paper demand after a couple months. Sure Forte made film - but they sold a lot more paper.

I'm sort of inclined to believe that the owners of Forte are really just looking to sell their land off to a redeveloper. Who knows...

If that IS the case - I doubt you'll see any investment group that wants to continue operations make an offer that the present owners will find attractive. Hope I'm wrong.