I also agree manufacture to order would be hard to accomplish.

I think intermittent runs would be hard enough as far as emulsion making and coating would go. But I could see other factors being a problem.

You don't want to be buying silver in anything other than extremely small or extremely large quantities. And by "extremely large" I'm talking about several million troy ounces a months as several central banks in Asia are doing. There are also operations in India that buy several tens of millions of ounces for jewelry making purposes (India has HUGE demand for silver during its wedding season).

If you are stuck purchasing silver in large, but not very large quantities - you don't want to be using Forints to do it.

I would expect that it would be extremely difficult to get film and paper bases manufactured for your operations with this sort of model. I could be wrong.

Manufacturers are going to have to find a way to minimize working capital - because nobody on the outside is going to finance its creation...