There is a wide angle (75mm) for the Polaroid 600 SE. It's plenty sharp even for 665 negs destined for big enlargements.

For more insight into this camera look also at the Mamiya Universal--The Polaroid 600 SE is just a Mamiya Universal with different rangefinder brightframes (to match the Polaroid format) and intentionally incompatible lens and back mounts (the Polaroid was cheaper, and Mamiya didn't want it to cannibalize Universal sales). "M" adapters for the Polaroid do surface from time to time--these let you use standard Mamiya 120/220 backs.

Or, looked at the other way around, you can get a Polaroid back for the Mamiya Universal. This is a full format Polaroid unlike all other Polaroid-on-120-camera options (though not all lenses cover) The downside is the brightframes won't be precisely right. The upside is you have more easily available lenses, a really wide angle (50mm) that almost covers, and easier access to 120/220 rollfilm. They also tend to be cheaper, although the 75mm is going to be expensive in either mount.