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I've yet to see anybody outift a home darkroom without having spent a couple years hanging out in community darkrooms. And these are disappearing fast. There's a reason why prices on enlargers and lenses are so cheap on eBay...

But, as you said, life goes on. I hope, Jim, that you are proven right.
(Names Jason BTW )
Maybe it is isolated to my experience, or a local phenom- but interest in traditional and darkroom seems to be on an upswing here. Lets hope its a trend. Also, the good 4x5 enlargers seem to be very much in demand, stifled mainly by the unwillingness to ship them, while the MF and 35 seem to be a glut on the market, probably because they are shippable, and because allot of the marginal amatures went D* ( the principle market for D* is the wannabe, promising huge results for little or no effort.) have abandoned them. I would expect the supply to begin to thin at some point. Most of the really good stuff has been let go, and snapped up.