B&W and color use the same coating machines and the same emulsion making equipment and chemistry. That is about it. Otherwise they are the same but different. Color and B&W TV use similar technology. They are the same but different. They are neither synergistic nor non-synergistic, they merely are produced using the same plant.

However, the synergy comes in quantity production and floor space and schedules. One competes with the other for time in production and finishing. And, if color shut down, I doubt if B&W would keep going well at either EK or Fuji. Color keeps the machines running due to quantity.

Sales are plummeting. Truly they are. You barely see the surface of this.

And, what is one aspect of bad management but failure to see that the market is falling apart very fast and you had better move fast or else.

Kodak and Fuji, for all of any complaints have made better moves at the top than Agfa certainly did or Agfa would not have come into their problems. Ilford just barely escaped. The only company doing it right from the get go is Kentmere, but then they have a rich uncle.