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Yes PE, that is a very good question.
Yes, a real good question...

I've got a APX 400 box in 35mm in front of me as I speak which was purchased in a photographic supply store near Boston, MA in November, 2006. Accoridng to the box:

- It was manufactured in Leverkusen, Germany
- The film has an expiration date of 11/2010. Using Agfa's 65 month dating procedure (which Agfa USA told me about several years back) this translates to 6/2005
- The box has a "Agfa-Gevaert AG" label - not AgfaPhoto, which would have been operating that coating line in 6/2005

There is every indication that this box was meant for the USA market. Instructions are in English (and not the UK variety that uses superfluous u's after o's )

AgfaPhoto USA, by the way, no longer exists. It promptly sued the German AgfaPhoto and then went into quiet oblivion. It's gone.

B&H Photo Video got a shipment of 35mm APX 100 and APX400 in the summer of 2006 but they are now sold out of it and my order placed in November, 2006 has been cancelled by them, since the product is now listed as discontinued.

I haven't seen any 120 APX 100 since early 2006. And it never re-appeared.