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B&H Photo Video got a shipment of 35mm APX 100 and APX400 in the summer of 2006 but they are now sold out of it and my order placed in November, 2006 has been cancelled by them, since the product is now listed as discontinued.

I haven't seen any 120 APX 100 since early 2006. And it never re-appeared.
Just an update, since my order of 35mm APX100 is at UPS, and will be delivered tomorrow; B&H Photo have this film now:


If that link does not work, then scroll through their menues. The only AGFA B/W 120 rollfilm they have is APX400. However, I don't particularly like using APX400.

Anyway, I am getting 14 rolls of the 36 exposure APX100. If anyone is interested in expiration date information on the boxes, I would be happy to provide another post with that information.


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