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Could you explain this?
Not sure there is much to explain.

When rumors came up in late-2003 that Agfa was about to discontinue B&W films in 120 sizes I rang up Agfa USA in Ridgefield Park, NJ. During the course of the conversation they put me in touch with a sales engineer who told me that 35mm film is given an expiration date that is 65 months from the time it's boxed. They didn't hesitate to give out the information.

Slightly off-topic, but...

Agfa's Healthcare group is still around in Ridgefield Park, NJ (they are part of Agfa-Gevaert). For that matter, AgfaPhoto is still around, just not the film operations. AgfaPhoto USA is history, though it's possible some of their employees work now for AgfaPhoto. Don't forget that AgfaPhoto is still very much in the minilab business.