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Just an update, since my order of 35mm APX100 is at UPS, and will be delivered tomorrow; B&H Photo have this film now:


If that link does not work, then scroll through their menues. The only AGFA B/W 120 rollfilm they have is APX400. However, I don't particularly like using APX400.

Anyway, I am getting 14 rolls of the 36 exposure APX100. If anyone is interested in expiration date information on the boxes, I would be happy to provide another post with that information.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio
Oops! I just checked my email and it was Adorama that canceled my order. Both APX 100 and 400 are available in 35mm from B&H. And APX 400 is available in 120 there, as well.

Sometimes I forget there's a difference between Adorama and B&H. Same brusque customer service and prices identical to the penny...