A couple of years ago, Ironwood National Monument was created here in Southern Arizona. It is an amazing area filled with wildlife, ancient ruins, and some great vistas.

It is seemingly a bit neglected though. The BLM who run it are slowly surveying it and cataloging it, but it seems to get few visitors and little press. Probably because it is on the western side of the Tucson Mountains and is relatively dry compared to the Rincons and Santa Catalinas. It also requires a 4WD vehicle, and the roads are poorly mapped.

Anyway, I am organizing a photo expedition to head out there for the day this March. The goal being to just get people out there and see what comes of it all. I personally have a Jeep and can take 3 people with me. Any other 4WD vehicles are welcome of course and highly appreciated.

A date in March has not been set yet. I am HOPING to set one that coincides with the predicted bloom of the wildflowers down here. It looks like there may be some good spots in Ironwood for wildflower shoots. Rain there has been a bit above normal and some areas have carpets of green shoots which I am told might very well be wildflowers.

So if anyone is interested either e-mail me, or post here. Southern AZ is a great place to shoot in March and all are welcome.

Plus it is free. What more do ya want?