I developed 4 sheets of Efke 100 8x10 this morning (16x20 tray with cradle/slosher). I developed semi-stand in Pyrocat-HD 2:2:100 for 16 minutes at 21.67 deg. C. Twenty seconds of agitation initially, followed by 10 seconds of agitation at 8 minutes. Fixed in TF-4 non-hardening alkaline fixer.

Three of the images (all shot with the 240mm G Claron - biting sharp!) look well exposed for contact printing on Azo.

The fourth image was taken with the 110m Super Symmar XL and I blew the exposure (underexposed). It is too thin for Azo contact printing, but about right for a condensor enlarger. The neg is very, very sharp out to the edges of the film.