Dust is the enemy of us all! - Several years ago, armed with my shiny new 4x5, I raced off to The Pinnacles, a bizzare corral formation in the middle of the desert near Ridgecrest and took some stunning photos - all ruined from dust spots everywhere. My camera was clean - vacuumed out, the holders were clean - vacuumed out. The air was just full of dust and very dry in the desert. I have achieved some success by doing the following:
I brush off the dark slide with a lens brush before I put the pack in the camera.
I remove the dark slide slowly so as not to create static or disturb dust nearby.
I regularly vacuum out my camera and my film packs.
I use a product called BANSTATIC from Fuji as an afterwash (replaces photoflo) It makes the film so slippery that nothing will stick to it. I use an Ion air cleaner in my darkroom.
I use a lot of canned air to blast off negs and carriers.

Even with all of this - I still have become pretty good with a 00 brush! The answer? Maybe do less enlarging and more contact printing. I don't usually have to spot AZO or alt process prints. All in all - my negs are plenty usable using these precautions. I don't have to spot very many of them and I do a lot of 16x20s.