In regards to travel it's easy to say that you don't need to travel far when you live in an area that has the kind of subject matter you like and has plenty of opportunities to shoot them. I live in largely populated suburb of NYC yet love snow capped mountains, deserts and minimal, open plains. There just isn't much of that around here. So do I choose to shoot subject matter that doesn't interest me or do I go to the places that do interest me?
To say that photographers who travel are "a dime a dozen" is just being judgemental and denigrating about the choice of subject that someone else chooses.

Also the whole who is copying Kenna thing is a can of worms. Kenna didn't create minimal landscape, he's not the first to shoot trees in snow or poles in water. What he did do was bring it to a very refined level and make it very visible. While I'm sure that there are people who Kenna has influenced to a large degree, but the longer you do photography, and the more your personal commtiment is to it, the more your work will begin to become unique to you.