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The point being if you aren't in the highest quality creative level of the masters you have to shoot in a way that sells if you are to eat.
I don't know about that...

About 15 years ago when I was in my 'early retirement phase' (didn't get a steady full-time job until I was 32), my wife and I were nearly broke and Christmas was looming.

We used what little money we had for printing and framing supplies and I went out and took the cheesiest, most saccarine sweet, easy-on-the-eyes nature images I could muster. When they were printed up and displayed not one of the cheesy prints sold, just the images I was impelled to make by whatever force it is that tells me to stop and set up the camera were purchased.

Recently though, as in after my daughters birth, I've started a collection of local interest scenes. This came to mind as I was taking an image of snow covered rocks in a creek and I was also pondering how, with my salary, we would be able to afford things like fancy jeans for our daughter when she became a teenager.

As these things were rolling around in my head, I looked behind me and the snow covered bridge over the creek was bathed in sunset light, and a full moon was just above it. After taking my photograph I spun the camera around and took a triptych of the bridge scene, thinking to myself, "Didn't Edward Weston call stuff like this his pot boilers?"

I've been taking such images for a while now, but only when they fall in my lap, and always on my terms. Nobodies seen them yet...I'll trot them out when my daughter gets a little older. I never go looking for them.