Now I have a question: Is Maco the main dealer for selling the old left-over Agfa film and paper products? If so, is it like they are re-labeling their packages with new expirations dates?

What troubles me is the price-setting on the Agfa paper in Japan, which has doubled or trippled. I checked the price for a 100-sheet box of 8x10 FB, and it's almost 200 USD! I know a little while ago, Freestyle was selling it for 60 USD or so, which was still much higher than the older price.

But if there's no quality control being taken since the time Agfa was gone less than two years ago, what are we really getting? This isn't really helping the new Agfa to come back to the market, I guess... I mean by the time they are ready to prouce and sell their new lineup, they'll have receive a pretty bad reputation.