I'm just starting out with this LF thing. I've successfully exposed and developed negatives with no front movements and with front rise. When I tried to use front tilt down however, I ran into a problem.

On the Graphic, to obtain front tilt down, you drop the bed, (use the rise to return lens to neutral rise) and use front tilt up to obtain the desired tilt down. This sounds weird, but Graphic users will understand. My problem is that my 135mm lens will not then focus at infinity because dropping the bed extends the lens away from the film plane. To compensate I released the front standard and pushed it back towards the film plane. The hinge (remember dropped bed) prevents the front standard from moving far enough towards the film plane to achieve infinity focus.

This would just be a problem with this focal length lens, because a wide angle (90) would sit on the rear rails behind the hinge, and a longer lens (150) would sit out farther from the film to begin with and the hinge would not interfere.

Am I doing something wrong here? I'd love to hear from anyone with Speed or Crown Graphic or other drop bed camera experience.

(I know about the Graphlex.org site, but cannot post there because it won't accept an @hotmail.com e-mail address.)

Frank Scheitrowsky (near Toronto, Canada)