When I worked at Kodak in Rochester in 2003. We were told [over our objections - like we had a say] that the profits from film were going to used to change Kodak from a film company to an imaging company by strengthening the digital focal plane, the digital camera, and printer lines. This is exactly what is happening. The management felt that since the world would go digital fairly quickly, that this was the direction that they would move in.

Furthermore, they stated that film research would continue, but a slower rate than before.

And that they believed that professional, techinical, and serious amateurs would continue to use film. Therefore film would be producted as long as the market could support manufacturing film.

This was in press releases. It is not surprising but certainly not pleasant to see the layoff and closures such as these.

So we know what we must do. Go out there and shoot film!

No WHINING from the usual cadre of anti-Kodak complainers, please.