Okay you presoakers who use tubes for development... I've got a couple questions here:

1. When you do the presoaking, do you do that in a tray before you put the sheet film into the tube, or do you presoak the neg while in the tube?

Reason I'm asking: I've tried presoaking negs a couple times in a tube I've got, but at what would seem to be the apex(?) of the curl of the sheet, the negative is pressed against the tube so much so that the halation layer doesn't come off, and no amount of soaking afterwards will remove it. My negative is left with a "film" on the non-emulsion side.

2. Perhaps I'm using a tube that has too small a diameter? I've read about cutting a piece of screen a little larger than the negative and putting between the tube and the neg... would that probably take care of this?

Thanks so much for your time!