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I agree it was a misleading use of language, but these misleading uses increase over time and modify the usage. I knew we were in deep trouble when someone was quoted in the Boston Globe saying "I don't want to be signaled out." Singled out, maybe? I don't know anymore....

And speaking of crossword puzzles, my late father and (my currently living mother) kept crossword puzzles in the bathroom. While we were polite to each other in person, one could expect a vigorous erasing of one's solutions at times. We never discussed the crossword puzzles --- except once, my feeble father leaned over to me and said: "Women of habit...nuns...good catch, son."

But here we are discussing language, when we should be discussing the image....
Score one for your late Father!

As to the image - I just noticed how the windows reflect cloud scudded skies behind Lange while the Sun is still casting shadows off to the right.

Storm clouds perhaps - are they coming? Or passing?