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Can too high temperature of the Potassium Oxalate developer cause solarization. I just got a new heater unit for the developer and used it hotter than normal (normal would be +/- 100deg F). I really like the warm color but could do without the solarizing rebate area.

Just to make sure there are no obvious red flag issues, this is what I'm using:
Cranes Platinotype
18 drops FO #1
18 drops Pd
2 drops Na2
Brush coating

This is a negative that I have printed a bunch and haven't had troubles with before. I could do the trial and error to make sure that the dev temp is the issue but maybe someone could learn me a little.
This is for what size Mateo? I see solarizing when I use only one coat, as I use only 8 drops FO, 7 drops pd and 2 pt. This coat is too thin and I usually get solarized prints. When I double coat it goes away. I suggest you try double coating. I have heard some people divide the drop number and add water instead, but I have not tried it. In my experience developer temperature does not produce solarization..I have used it really, really hot..almost boiling and did not have this problem, what I did notcie is that when it is too hot, you get an awful veil on the print once it dries down.

Good luck....