OK, you guys twisted my arm enough. I've been wanting to do this anyway. I will take one of my 8x10 negatives and contact print it on Azo and Ilford MG IV fiber. Both will be printed in Smith's amidol, using the Azo formulation and the enlarging paper formulation. I will make every attempt to make the best print I can using both methods.

How about two sets, then you guys can exchange them as desired? It will take me a few weeks as I had planned on photographing this next weekend vice printing. I will contact Larry an Phill by private message for addresses when I'm ready to send them out. I will also post a scan of each here in the Technical Gallery although I don't expect the scans to reveal any subtle differences. Anyone who sees the prints can feel free to comment/critique as desired on any aspect of the prints.

Mind you, I'm not a Master in the Michael Smith league, so please don't expect a masterfully executed landscape. How's this sound?