An update: We're still on for this weekend. The deal is that we are going without a permit. It seems that the city and Central Park Conservancy does not issue photo permits for the weekend. I was told, "We don't permit any filming/photography on weekends (this is because the Park is much busier and there are always events happening throughout the Park)."

"...however, I would suggest coming into the Park without an official permit. We don't require individuals (non-professionals) to apply for permits if they come in with a simple tripod set-up."

I'm bringing a copy of that email with me.

We'll be meeting at 9:00AM at the Bethesda Fountain, and we'll meet up again (for those traveling from outside the city) at 11:00AM at the Bow Bridge.

Per the email from the CPC fellow, the rules for shooting in the park are simple: Be sure to keep all equipment on paved pathways and do not block any area of the

Weather forecast for Saturday (thus far, which means little) is Partly cloudy. Highs in the low 30s and lows in the low 20s. The day before it's supposed to be in the low 40s, so we'll see. If the weather is truly miserable we'll postpone until Feb 10. (I'll post updates here the night before) Look forward to seeing you all!