Thanks everyone!
DrPablo, I really like those, Very nice!

Vaughn, Thanks for the link. Those were great shots!

PhotoBob, Thanks for posting, but I'm not a subscriber yet so I was unable to view your shots. Thank you though.

Thanks everyone for your replys. I did take a workshop on Infrared over the weekend. It wasn't very large and the instructor, although I know he knows his stuff, didn't teach very well. He was all over the place, more confusing than anything. Once we went out to shoot he loosened up. All and all a seven hour class with two hours shooting time. I bit too short for me. But it was my first experiance in a workshop and I still enjoyed it.
Oh yeah, the instructor gave us the wrong settings to dail in our cameras so everyones pictures came out real bad, mostly way too dark. I'd post them but they're not that great.
Anyway, thanks to all who responded to my post.