I had pretty much decided upon the Shen-Hao as a package deal from Badger Graphics which includes the Nikon 150 W. Then I see Badgers Brand 4X5 for a couple hundred dollars less and this package includes a Rodenstock 150. Without any experience with 4X5 I wonder about the two lenses -- how would they be different?

One benefit I have found with either lens is with the purchase of a small
step-up ring I can use my 55mm B+W filters & polerizer that I use with 35mm

I see nothing wrong in buying a camera based upon lens criteria but trying to
understand a lens's characteristics without using it is subjective and
argumentative and requires a leap of faith.

So, if any of you were to choose between the Nikon W f-5.6 @ $530 and the
Rodenstock APO-Sironar-N 150mm/5.6 @ $575, in terms of corner to corner
sharpness, contrast and resolution would you opt for one over the other?

The pictures that I have made that I like the best are made with with a Zeiss
Planar design. This represents the ultimate lens design to me.