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Wow, Jorge, I'm impressed: you're using half the drops I am for coating an 8x10! Then again I'm also doing only one coat. I may try halving my drops and doing two coats to see if that makes a difference.
LOL..are you saying you are impressed with how cheap I am?...

If you are using the Richeson brush, I found that was too much solution, at least for me. I had to brush too long to let all the solution soak. So I went with half that and it has worked for me. I dont know if it will work in where you are, dont know how humid it is, but I found out 2 coats dried faster than one heavy coat.

OTOH if Clay showed you one coat, and is working for you, stick with it until you get really good. As you might be learning you have to do things consistently to get the same result, otherwise it all goes to crap. In the end you end up using the same amount, stick with what works and then experiment when you have a consistent method.

When I coat, I do it on one foot and one hand on top of my head, I did it like that the first time so I figure oughta keep on doing it like that just in case..