I have found a rationalization, er, I mean justification to upgrade my 80mm C lens; first choice being a CF lens. Naturally, now that I'm in the market, neither KEH, Calumet, B&H (or for that matter APUG) have any used CF's available right now, except one at KEH in the bargain catagory. I know people say KEH's ratings are conservative, but I'd rather spend the money for one in the excellent range. Ebay is my source of last resort for this sort of purchase.

KEH does have an "Excellent" CB lens, at a reasonable price. The lack of the "F" setting and the other control differences I can live with, but some internet postings claim the image quality is slightly less due to the lens design. Does anyone here have any experience or wisdom they'd care to share?

Or perhaps another way of putting it, would you spend some bucks for the bargain CF, more for the excellent CB, or wait for a better condition CF to come on the market?