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31.50 is a bit high (Fotoimpex charges only 15 euro, I think) for shipping, but the overall deal sounds good.
I had some doubts about transport cost and made some askings. It seems making export/import and custom/tax documentation is costly, that is offices (companies) registered to do that job charge high prices for preparing that documentation. Transport itself is not that pricely. For example I payed last time 60 EURO for 19kg heavy parcel. Transport alone (without documentation) is about 20 EURO, 40 EURO is price of documentation... That depend of country, and it seems it depend if your seller have some arrangment with company who prepares needed documentation.

Simillar as for transpot, some companies pay full (high) prices for sending products with courriers (UPS, DHL...) other companies have arrangements with courriers and have low(er) prices when sending products with same courrier...