A few weeks ago I asked advice on putting a portfolio together for a meeting with the chairman at the fine arts department of the collage I graduated from. The suggestions were very helpful. I wound up adding a few non street shots so I would have two stronger groups totaling 19 photos.

The chairman liked my work and wants me to display the work in their gallery sometime in October/November. To say the least I was very happy and he didn't suggest any changes. Just pop the already mounted and matted photos into frames and make up small cards for each naming and whatever info I wanted to add.

My dilemma is I need 19 11X14 frames. At a cost of approximately $25(US) thats close to $500. I'm probably not going to need most of the frames again and when the show is over I will take the photos out and put back in the portfolio. So they don't have to be archival. Just simple black frames. Do any places rent frames? Any suggestions would be appreciated.