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Yes. This was the supplier used. The invoice is headed Nielsen Bainbridge UK because the stock comes directly from the UK distributor, if they don't have the item in stock then you have to wait until the product becomes available again from the manufacturer.


I feel that youself, along with many others, will not find what you are looking for. I have searched high and low for a U.K supplier of Nielson Bainbridge and I thought I had found one, that was untill you told us the above. I am not unhappy though, as I have been lucky in the fact that the frames I have needed have always been in stock and with me in the next post.

I do ask myself sometimes if Nielson Bainbridge deserve my custom, as I have emailed them many times and never had a reply! It is always the way, when a company get as large as them, they more often than not, stop caring!