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I keep promising myself to learn the 'chemistry' behind pt/pd printing, but until then, I have always been under the assumption that the total drop count of the salts should equal the total for the ferric. I have been single coating, 15 fo, 15 pd or 15 fo 14 pd 1 pt. I will try increasing the pt, but Jorge, is there a point of diminishing returns? What is the advantage of more salt than ferric? Doesn't some of the metal salts not reduce in this case? Thanks. ...lyle
Lallan, in my case it is not science, it is more like rumors. I had read in the B&S web site that too much sensitizer caused mottling and it was a problem I was having, so I tried reducing the amount of sensitize and it worked for me.

Joe above has a good explanation for not using too much sensitizer, I do see that metallic "sheen" sometimes when the print is dry. I did not know it was because of too much FO, learn something new everyday!

In any case, dont be afraid to take off 2 or 3 drops of FO, more than that I would not try. Besides, FO is cheap compared to pt or pd.....so back off only to improve your print, not to save on it.

Hope this helps.