Oh no! Here we go again.

Can't we just keep the same thread as a "sticky" and just change the title every few days?

All the same old, same old posters (like me) will not engage in the same old, same old discussion/debate etc.

And all Perez said was something that everyone else has been saying for years. Will, should, could Kodak sell the film division?

And, BTW, did he say it as part of his presentation - or was it as an answer to an analyst's question?

The "Street" has been predicting the run down of the film division for years now. So if it was a response to a query - it might be nothing more that a sop to a pesky analyst!

K's problem is that selling the film division means selling a core business. That is a decision not taken lightly since if they miscalculate - they could sink the firm.

We'll see - meanwhile let the "usual posts" begin!