Ive been a bit of a lurker here on the apug forum for good while now.
usually dont comment or post due to a lack of experience and/or knowledge.
I started out doing photography a couple years ago with an old 35mm then got a hasselblad and eventually a crown graphic and now Im obsessively shooting with a cambo 4x5 and the 135mm Graflex 4.5 from my crown.

I managed to scan a random assortment of my shots from the last 6months or so and put them up on my website. I realize scanning does no justice to the quality (subjective statement I know) of these negatives, as they were just scanned on a epson with a light box shining through them.
But I would love to hear what people think about composition/exposure etc.

Im always interested in learning something knew or being questioned on why I shoot something. it seems to always lead to a better understanding of photography and in particular why I love it.

here are the shots.