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I've no bone to pick to Kodak, actually (I use plenty of Tri-X and the odd roll of E100G). It is, however, notable in that this is the first time that somebody posed the question to a CEO of Kodak on an earnings call.
What sort of answer would you expect? If any company were asked, in a similar manner, if you had a division that was no longer profitable, might that division be sold. Now what other answer would you expect?

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And the answer is "possibly, maybe". Yes, it's not a decision to take lightly but there is no denying that, short-term balance sheet considerations aside, film isn't the strategic focus of Kodak long-term. I don't think it's a "sop" either - C-level excecutives have to be really careful about managing expectations and a perspective sale of the film unit will likely set their hearts aflutter...
Do you have some stake in the stock market, EK or otherwise? It sure seems that you are posting due to some vested interest. Care to disclose anything?

Do you actually read the SEC reports for EK, or only the summary from some news item? If you understood the cause of losses, and sources of profits, your postings would be substantially more well informed.

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Also, it's possible a private equity buyout of Kodak's film unit would be the optimal outcome for APUGers. It may even help keep jobs in Rochester. Who knows?

This isn't something to be taken as a "the sky is falling" post, nor is it intended to turn sentiment against Kodak, but I believe it is of relevance to the forum.
In my opinion it has almost no relevance, other than to potentially cause some sort of panic, or possibly to influence share prices in EK or competitors. Speculation is best left to a stock market forum, not APUG. I think this thread should be shut down before it gets too ridiculous.


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