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What sort of answer would you expect? If any company were asked, in a similar manner, if you had a division that was no longer profitable, might that division be sold. Now what other answer would you expect?

Do you have some stake in the stock market, EK or otherwise? It sure seems that you are posting due to some vested interest. Care to disclose anything?

Do you actually read the SEC reports for EK, or only the summary from some news item? If you understood the cause of losses, and sources of profits, your postings would be substantially more well informed.

In my opinion it has almost no relevance, other than to potentially cause some sort of panic, or possibly to influence share prices in EK or competitors. Speculation is best left to a stock market forum, not APUG. I think this thread should be shut down before it gets too ridiculous.


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Thanks for this post.

I don't know for sure, but every once in a while aldevo appears with another K is dead, or dying or, maybe just sick or whatever post.

And on and on and on.

Like the proverbial guy who comes to the party just to throw a dirty sock in the punch bowl!

It's unfair, here you know. If you try to shut off every thread that mentions Kodak you will miss some great news like where to get free film.

But if you keep looking, you get these kinds of threads. The doomsters, sometimes motivated by either a personal death wish or hysteria will ruin your day.

Then again, you have to wonder if some of these posters are digi-plants who come on here just to spread "bad news about film" stuff.

Has anyone here ever seen aldevo post to a thread that didn't deal with either negative news about Kodak and film (specifically) or "the death of film" generally?