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....it seemed the title should portend something larger than this woman's personal history.
Don't you think it does, though?

In social terms 'Era's' don't tend to have a cut-off point, but blend into each other - in the UK the Victorian Era (don't suppose you would call it that?) spread well into the twentieth century, you could say for the whole pre-war period (definitely until the 1st World War and in many ways until the 2nd)...In Europe 1938 would be without question 'the end of an era'.....after the war, the beginning of the modern world in so many ways. Was it so different in the US?

I'm not meaning to nit-pick at all, just find the whole question of language/history/ imagery fascinating. And this one does seem to me from another age, and to suggest some kind of turning point - particularly in view of the age of the woman, and the fact that she would have been in her prime in a different world...