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&nbsp; Problem is, I want a very BLACK background.&nbsp; The paper will do that just fine, fabric though tends to be a bit harder to deal with as it tends to be more reflective.&nbsp; Maybe I just haven&#39;t found the right fabric yet, but getting a very flat fabric background is proving tough.&nbsp; The pane velvet looks GREAT.&nbsp; I love that stuff, but when you don&#39;t want highlights it is not the stuff you want.

Any suggestions on a good fabric that will work well for being black-black?&nbsp; Or conversely white-white (same problem, but in reverse....)?</td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
I&#39;ve been using black felt. I have a piece 7&#39; (?) wide ... and it is about as non-reflective as is possible. Cleans up fairlly well with a vacuum cleaner.
Should be easily obtainable at your nearby fabric store.

Hmm... white. I&#39;ve been using a roll of Savage "Super White" - even for color, although Savage says not to. I&#39;ve been thinking of Rip-Stop nylon.

It is relatively easy to be resourceful when one is inherently frugal&#33;