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For fairly obvious reasons -- I'd be accused of rather more shameless self-promotion than most people can handle -- I don't announce every new publication, or indeed any, but I can't resist this opportunity.

Over the last 25-30 years I've had published more than 50 books, and hundreds (probably thousands) of magazine articles. Most have been on photography but others have been on subjects as diverse as the Tibetan cause, motorcycling, travel, motor cars and cookery -- and I am rather proud of my contributions to the Oxford Companion to the Photograph.

My latest book, A Matter of Opinion, was published a few weeks ago by Mage Press, ISBN 0-9527109-5-1 and is linked on www.ilford.com. It's a collection of my columns from Amateur Photographer magazine in the UK and is ideal reading for the smallest room.

Details of the rest are on www.rogerandfrances.com, under 'books' and 'magazines' on the home page.


And, of course, you have an article in Shutterbug (February edition). I enjoyed your review on that camera--it was fun to read.

Sadly, nothing from Frances this month, but then we've already talked about that.