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I concur George. There are some posters who are just so predictable.

Not to mention the ones that think they can run a multi-national better than everyone else. Makes you wonder what they're doing in the middle of the dessert trying to fix their beat up old camera on a dime. Spare us the ego.

Regards, Art.
This may be true of some, but as consumers of a product many here have very relevant observations.

I love Kodak product, but I don't believe Perez has the skills to communicate Kodak's vision properly. If he knows that Kodak will be out of the film business at some point than he should nurture that portion of the business for the betterment of his stockholders / Kodak’s share price. He seems to be doing a good job at alienating his film customer whilst he simultaneously makes the film market and Kodak's film business look unattractive to potential suitors.