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This may be true of some, but as consumers of a product many here have very relevant observations.

I love Kodak product, but I don't believe Perez has the skills to communicate Kodak's vision properly. If he knows that Kodak will be out of the film business at some point than he should nurture that portion of the business for the betterment of his stockholders / Kodak’s share price. He seems to be doing a good job at alienating his film customer whilst he simultaneously makes the film market and Kodak's film business look unattractive to potential suitors.
This is somewhat off-topic, but it sorts of strikes me that Perez has an axe to grind:

a) He's a former HP exec who...
b) Is about to enter the inkject market where HP is a major player
c) And is expected to announce a deal to market said printers with Dell (which just happens to be HP-Compaq's largest competitor in PC's)

See a pattern there?

I'm not a Perez fan (I don't really understand the drive forEK to enter the home inkjet market - because that's slowing in sales and "generic inks" are really curtailing the available profits). Ultimately, Kodak might be jumping out of one declining market - only to enter another.

That said, I don't think any comments of his (which are often out of context) will affect the value of the film unit.

Ultimately, the financial statements and forecasts for the film/paper market will determine what it's worth to a perspective buyer.