This will really add fuel to the fire on what is a toy camera.
I bought this off of ebay for 8 (including the shipping)

That's what it looks like compared to a holga.
It's a 35mm film camera. it has an automatic motordrive, a sizeable detachable flash (for certain definitions of "detachable" as it does have a springy hotshoe lead but it's not very long nor detachable from the main flash unit to replace with a longer lead)
Waist level view finder like a TLR

It has fixed shutter speed and fixed focus, happily touted as Focus Free. It has apertures (square ones!) ranging from 16-6.3. I'm not totally sure these work now that I look closer at them, especially the one stop down from f16 doesn't seem to cover up the camera base aperture much at all.
It has motorised rewind but no stop or lock on the back like I've previously experienced on motorised point and shoot cameras. This caused me to fog a large chunk of the beginning of the film because I thought I heard the leader flicking away inside the film cassette when it wasn't (arugh).

If anything it was worth it for the flash. Now we have a suitably cheap flash to go with our two Holgas. It has a pull out diffuser cover and can be tilted up and down and moved left or right (strange).
The pictures from the first roll of film seem pretty good. No worse than a normal point and shoot and maybe a touch better but I'd not go with that orange price sticker price of 199.99. Maybe I found it in the toys section of ebay as a case of sour grapes?

I wish I could find more information on it. I haven't even found anything helpful like a Made In ____ sticker. When I google I only get people misspelling "Nokia" or even more ebay auctions for these cameras. It would be nice if anyone had any knowledge on this beast. Will try to get some photos printed tonight from the camera too.