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Thanks for reminding me about Goldwater -- I've recently been wracking my memory trying to think of a really good photographer who is also a political conservative. The only ones I've been able to think of are essentially exercising mannered tropes, and Goldwater is certainly the arch-example of all examples. His 1950's and 1960's photos look like they should have been made a half-century earlier.
Yes, but if you read his 'The Conscience of a Conservative' you soon see that he's a long way from the current cartoon conservative, i.e. he's not a brain-dead redneck born-again Christian warmonger.

I'm not saying the cartoon variety is the only sort of conservative there is, because Goldwater himself illustrates perfectly that this is not so. I'm just suggesting that the cartoon variety has been on the ascendant lately.

Surely there must have been a few good Nazi photographers: not Leni, please, because I really believe that she was naive rather than a committed Nazi (and indeed few Nazis apart from Hitler himself appear to have been able to stand her -- an unusually persuasive illustration of the Fuehrerprinzip, perhaps). I do recall seeing other clichéd but still arresting Nazi pictures, though. And of course on the other side of the fence there were quite a few good Communist photographers such as Aleksandr Rodchenko.

And what about Argentina? The percentage of good photographers from the Argentine has been disproportionately high, but I know little about their political sympathies.