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Here is the Barry Goldwater Photo website:


A conservative from the 60's and 70's has little in common with a neocon and the circus going on today. Goldwater would likely have very serious issues with the current administration (but then again who wouldn't, doesn't, unless you have stock in Exxon)

In perusing his photos it is pretty clear that he photographed for the love of it, and I think that Barry Goldwater, Photographer, can stand alone and apart from Barry Goldwater, Politician.

Kudos to Mr.Goldwater. RIP
Despite the vastly contrary political views I hold, Barry Goldwater rose to great heights of admiration in my mind when it was he who told Nixon that he had to either resign or face impeachment and conviction. That decision removed any remaining claims of partisanship in the Watergate hearings. It was indeed the "conscience of a conservative" speaking and is the singular event that raised Goldwater from the status of politician to that of statesman.

One would have to look long and hard and still not find anyone today on the American right who places conscience over ideology the way Goldwater did.