Argentinian politics are all over the place - from Nazi sympathizers to tree-hugging Vegan enviro-queers. dunno where any of the famous Argentine photographers align though.

Another interesting political figure (not from the US) who is a big fan of our artform is the King of Thailand. King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX is a serious film shooter, and the last time I saw a pic of him with a camera, he was shooting Contax 35mm SLR gear. Out there on the internet you can surf around and see some examples of his work- he's an average photographer, but he tries. And he still shoots film!

A bit of gush from a decidedly pro-royal website:

"King Bhumibol has toted his camera the length and breadth of Thailand as he records the colors of people and places in his Kingdom, however, for studio still life and portrait work, he favors the more dramatic effects of black & white film which he processes and prints himself. If not in his darkroom, His Majesty may be found listening to music or humming a few bars of a potential composition. He is an accomplished saxophonist and clarinetist with a keen enjoyment of jazz especially Dixieland and Blues and an enthusiastic composer of "easy on the ear" melodies. Benny Goodman would have had the King join his band (had not the King been busy doing other things!) and one of His Majesty's compositions, Blue Night, was featured in a Broadway production. As an amateur photographer and musician, many have voiced that King Bhumibol could have been a professional in either."