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Following on your suggestion I did a quick review of a couple of dozen of the photos on the website.

Sorry, but I think they are "nice shots" but they reveal that Barry's calling was not photography.

They do provide an interesting historical record, however, of and earlier, more bucolic, AZ. The one that existed up until the boom began after the water and electric resources made possible by the Salt River Project started coming online around 1980.

EDIT: BTW, I think his photographic work tailed off after the 1950's. One might say he was a bit of a "renaissance man"; another might use the term "dilletante".
I'd have to disagree, I like the most of the ones I've seen, and 15,000 self processed negs over 50 some years is hardly the work of a dilletante.

I think its quite allright to not find anothers work to your taste, however, calling an obviously serious photographer a dilletante is a bit much.