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Some people have jobs George, and succumb to corrupting their artistry for that sake. Barry certainly did have a hiatus from photography in the early 1940s, frivolously flying cargo airplanes through (not over) the Himalayan mountain passes. I wasn't there (hadn't been born yet) but I have heard that was one of the most dangerous things a person could do. What a chump! Bet he missed the best shots of his life doing that.


Could you please explain to me how the above comments relate to the QUALITIES of Goldwater's photography?

He's been lauded on this site for many attributes - as you just have done with a recitation of his WWII missions. And, in fact, I mentioned his 1950's surveys of the Grand Canyon - did you read the whole thread here?

But, more to the point, how do your comments add to the erstwhile forgotten appreciation of his photography?

Isn't this what I think JB wanted the discussion narrowed down to?

Don't single me out by name as the one who doesn't appreciate the man's photography. Last I checked, other than what has been dredged up here today, no one even knew there were family using his name to extract a few bucks selling his pedestrian photos!

He may be your "god" - he's not mine!