On another photography board, someone suggested reversing the lens standard so that the generous upwards tilt available becomes downward tilt. It sounded too good to be true and sure enough, I think I found the "fly in the ointment" . Reversing the front standard would place the locking wheels for tilt in an inaccessible location behind the bed struts. Now the camera would have front tilt down, but is impossible to adjust!

I also think that maybe possibly, with the plane of focus tilted with the front standard tilted down, I can get from a few feet to maybe infinity in focus with this 135 lens.

Failing that, it would just be best to get a 90 and 150mm lens, or until finances permit this, simply use the 135 without front tilt down.

I'm going to have to wait until it's just not so cold outside to fiddle with this. Thanks for everyone's help, and if anyone comes up with a new idea, please e-mail me at franksbmw@hotmail. I'd like to here from other LF shooters in the just-north-of-Toronto area, and other S.G. users worldwide.