Talking about your digital crapping out. I had a D1H for when I do my journalism stuff and after about a year the shutter went on it. Price to fix $700! I had no choice as I had an assignment coming up I had to repair it. Then 6 months later the D2H came out and the D1H is worthless.

So I am with you on people sick of upgrading. I have moved a lot of my photography (portraits, weddings) back to film. Why? because the quality is better and the archival is safer. Digital media does not have a fool proof way of archiving. CD, DVD and hard drives go bad. People say what about fire. Well what about it. CD, DVD and HD will all melt and burn as well so that argument isnít valid.

Hopefully people will come to their senses. Either way I buy film shoot it and develope it and will continue. If I have to go to a paper neg or glass then so be it.

I have used both and I honestly like film in MF and LF better. 35mm a toss up.