This may be starting to veer off topic, but...

I went to the Michael Smith/Paula Chamlee workshop this last weekend and OHMYGOD does the ABC development by inspection look good. And remarkably simple. I have been so slow to tiptoe into the whole Pyro business...first PMK, then Rollo with the Jobo, and now I can't wait to get some sheets in a tray with a green safelight overhead.

The ABC negatives really are much better than the other pyro negs. In fact I had Michael and Paula do a test with me, in which they developed two portraits I made in ABC, and I did two identical ones in rollo in the Jobo. The ABC ones have way more detail in the highlights AND the depths.

SOOO, back to the original post...if you're going to use rollfilm, a Jobo and Rollo will be great. Great highlights, sharper edges, much better separation in the highlights. Much better than Xtol or Ilford or D76 or anything else I had used. But if it's sheets you shoot, go to trays and ABC. You will be blown away.

Sorry for the ramble.