In an e-mail thread I had started on the day the APUG server went down regarding which developer to use with Efke PL100 (being new to LF), I received a few recommendations for Pyrocat HD since it uses Pyrocatechin (given my reservations against using pyrogallol, if I could help it).

Since I was in the process of reading the responses when the outage happened, I may not have imbibed the messages correctly. I had mentioned that I intended to tray develop and somebody (possibly Jorge) recommended to try developing tubes. I would like to go that route.

The negative size is 3x4 and I bought a schedule 40 tube (gray electrical tube) of 1.25" diameter with end caps and couplers. The BTZS book mentions a ratio of approximately 1:3 for cap:film container parts of the developing tubes and also recommends constant agitation during development by rolling the tubes in a water bath to maintain temperature and provide even development. My question is what if I use a 1:1 ratio and just use inversion as the agitation method and keep the tubes vertical instead of horizontal in a water bath. This way I can agitate for 30 seconds the first minute and 10 seconds every minute thereafter, instead of providing constant agitation. Is this methodology OK, especially with Pyrocat HD?
Thanks in advance.