I just got a chance to contact print my first 8x10 Tmax 400 negs which were developed in Pyrocat at 2:2:100. Shot a high contrast scene (white truck in strong sunshine). Developed one neg at 8:30 and another at 10:00 @ 68F, in a Jobo. As Brian said, the negs looked really great.

Printed on AZO grades 2 and 3 in Smith's Amidol formula and Ilford Warm Tone FB in Zone VI developer. For the AZO, I preferred the thinner negative on grade 3. The big news to me was the Ilford paper. In terms of the differentiation of the whites, it did a better job than the AZO; the blacks were very close, with the AZO being better and the local contrast was better with the Ilford. The AZO print was slightly sharper when viewed with a magnifier. It seems the Ilford paper is a perfect match for Tmax 400 developed in Pyrocat.

In terms of the aesthetics of Tmax vs. Tri-X 320, I'm still not sure. The films produce very different prints. The Tmax seems to have a longer scale, but it seems more "clinical" less "romantic". I think I'll stick with Tri-x for medium format and 4x5.

I think, though, that I have to try this Tmax negative on platinum. Having seen one of Jorge's prints from the travelling portfolio and his recent scans, I think the bug has bitten. I imagine Bostick and Sullivan sell a platinum starter kit for idiots...
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